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Health Care Advisor: Rash Treatment - Self Help Guide
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Step 1. Skin Rash ID
What does the rash look like?
Poison oak rash picture   Poison ivy rash picture   Skin rash picture   Heat rash picture   Chemical rash picture   Allergy rash picture   Allergy rash picture
Poison Oak Poison Ivy
Skin Rash
Heat Rash
Chemical Rash
Skin Allergy1 Skin Allergy2
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Step 2. Skin Rash Symptoms
How do you feel?

Question 1. Is the rash painful?
Yes. The rash is probably a spider or insect bite, virus like chicken pox or measles, skin disease or an infected rash. (see your physician immediately). More Information
No. The rash is probably contact dermatitis: plant, heat, chemical or other irritating substance.

Question 2. Is the rash spreading?
Yes. The rash is probably contact dermatitis causing the skin to erupt based on the severity of allergic contact. More Information
No. The rash is probably the result of an local allergic reaction to a skin irritant in contact with the skin or a spider or insect bite.

Question 3. Is the rash oozing?
Yes. Oozing rashes are commonly associated with poison oak, ivy, heat rash, and other allergic skin rashes. More Information
No. The rash may be a mild reaction to a skin irritant, a skin allergy or early eruption of contact dermatitis like poison ivy.

Question 4. Is the rash scaly?
Yes. The rash is probably atopic dermatitis: eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin rash triggered by weather, stress, temperature, or unknown environmental allergens. Crusty rashes are probably the result of weeping rashes that crust over. More Information
No. The rash is probably contact dermatitis or contact skin allergies like poison ivy or chemicals.

Question 5. Is the rash surround a spider or bug bite?
Yes. Insect and spider bites frequently produce rashes. Red or swollen skin may accompany itching. Spiders and insects can cause rashes when itched. Local rashes may be caused by Flea, Mosquito, Chigger, or Fly bites. More Information
No. The rash is probably not associated with an insect or spider bite.

Quesiton 6. Does the rash look infected?
Yes. If the bite appears infected: is red, painful to the touch, oozing, has dead tissue surrounding the rash or has red streaks radiating away from the bite See a physician immediately. More Information
No. The rash is probably not infected. Monitor the rash. If it heals (symptoms improve) it is probably not infected.

Question 7. Do you feel sick? (nauseous, headache, weak, fever, ache, stiff neck, short of breath, body ache)
Yes. See a physician immediately. More Information
No. Common atopic or contact dermatitis rashes typically produce swelling, itching, weeping, crusting or flaking symptoms and not severe reactions.

Skin Rash First Aid

Most common rashes are a result of contact dermatitis like poison oak, ivy or sumac or allergic skin reactions to environmental substances. Allergic reactions to "unknown" substances may require testing and treatment by a dermatologist. Rashes may also by symptoms of other medical conditions like acne, shingles, psoriasis, lupus, or cellulites. Determining the origin of the skin irritation or symptom is important. Try to "rule out" potential reasons for the rash. Review activities or event within the last 48-72 hours. Consider suspect plants, detergents or other substances that were newly introduced before the rash irrupted. If pre-existing medical conditions exist, determine if rashes are a symptom. If concerned see medical advice or attention. To treat skin rash see Rash Treatment. More Information

Skin Rash Exposure Formula

Amount and strength of the irritant x Length and frequency of exposure x Skin susceptibility x Environmental factors = Length of time for rashes to heal.

Skin Rash: Common Household Irritants

Contact dermatitis is an itchy skin condition caused by an allergic reaction to material in contact with the skin. It occurs hours after contact with the responsible material, and calms down in several days providing the skin is no longer in contact with it. Common household irritants include: perfume, soap, make up, latex, creams, plants, animals, detergents, solvents, acids, alkalies, friction or water. Hands frequently come in contact with irritants. More Information

Step 3. Skin Rash Treatment
What can I do?
Skin Rash

1. Rashes typically are caused by an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis.
2. Rashes usually begin within 48 hours following contact with an irritating substance.
3. Rashes symptoms include: skin redness, bumps, blisters, and swelling.
4. Allergic reactions can be caused by: plants, soaps, detergent, shampoos, perfumes, cosmetics,
jewelry, cloths, new objects in homes, latex gloves or other substances.

Poison Ivy-Oak: Contact Dermatitis Rash Treatment

1. Poison ivy, oak, or sumac rashes usually begin erupting within 48 hours following contact.
2. If you are exposed, wash areas immediately with cool soap and water for 10-25 minutes.
3. Apply Rash Rx (see below) to affected areas if rash redness, or blistering occurs.
4. If necessary, take over-the-counter medication to control rash swelling or itching.
5. Apply wet compresses or soak in cool water to relieve symptoms.
6. Re-apply Rash Rx to affected areas as needed to control symptoms.
7. If rash symptoms are severe or persist contact a physician.
8. Creams, gels or ointment me be used to reduce dryness.

Eczema, Psoriasis Rash Treatment

1. For dry and flaky skin use high quality moisturizers to hydrate skin.
2. Attempt to identify skin allergies and attempt to avoid them.
3. Humidify dry air to prevent drying out of skin.
4. Avoid scratching and keep hands and body parts from excessive moisture.
5. Stop the use of harsh detergents, soaps, fragrances, or other irritating substances.
6. Apply Rash Rx (see below) to affected areas.
7. Monitor skin rashes for increased spread or infection.
8. Seek medical attention if skin becomes bloody or infected.
9. Re-apply Rash Rx to affected areas to control symptoms.

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